TRAI issues showcauses to RCom to Explain Why It Stopped 2G Services

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has also asked Reliance Communication to generate unique porting codes for customers wanting to migrate to other operators.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has asked Reliance Communications (RCom) to explain why its second-generation technology (2G) services have been disrupted in various regions.

RCom had stopped  its 2G services and focus on 4G (fourth-generation technology). However, sources in TRAI told  that the company had not informed the regulator about these plans.

TRAI has also asked RCom to generate unique porting codes for customers wanting to migrate to other operators. It has given till the coming Monday for being provided all the details on this.

The regulator’s notice says it has learnt RCom had stopped its services in Shillong for the past few days without any warning to subscribers and that its customer care offices had been closed in the area. Calls to customer care numbers got no response.


“Due to this, Reliance customers of that area who would like to port their mobile number to other service providers are unable to do so.” The regulator also mentions media reports that the company’s 2G services would be disrupted across the country.

The regulator further said it had information from the Kerala area on non-generation of unique porting code for customers by RCom. Similar complaints have came from other service providers and customers of RCom, due to network shutdown in various parts across the licensed areas, beside non-functionality of call centres and nodal offices.

Hence, apart from demanding an explanation, TRAI has told RCom to ensure quality of service of the entire network as prescribed and to issue and communicate unique porting codes to subscribers through SMS on any such request without delay. The company is to send its licensed service area details of the number of porting requests received, details of unique porting codes generated on such requests and number of subscribers ported out in the past fortnight. All these by Monday.


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