iPass Partners with BSNL to Expand Wi-Fi Footprint in India

iPass customers will be able to access 23,000 new Wi-Fi hotspots

iPass has recently announced that it is going to team up with BSNL in India for access to Wi-Fi spots in India. iPass is the global Wi-Fi solution provider with cloud-based service that provides its customer Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the globe. The aim is to help people get connected to the people and information through the world at any time. iPass is built on a software-as-a-service platform (SaaS). iPass through cloud-based service helps its users connected to the Wi-Fi network on all type of devices like mobile phones, Laptops, tablets etc. iPass is currently the world’s largest Wi-Fi network with more than 64 million hotspots in the world located at the airports, railway stations, hotels, convention centers, outdoor venues, inflight etc.

iPass works by using its patented “SmartConnect” platform. The technology takes the guesswork out of the network, thus helping customers automatically connect to the world’s best hotspot network for their needs anytime. For the access, the users need to have the iPass SmartConnect app in the mobile phones. This will help them get connected to the invisible Wi-Fi network anywhere anytime and enjoy the unlimited Wi-Fi services.



iPass has announced a partnership with BSNL in India to provide WiFi connectivity to its customers at around 23,000 strategic locations in India. The places selected for the Wi-Fi connectivity are the key locations in the country like the tourist places, the heritage sites in India, public places in India, airports, railway stations and the selected rural places in India.

The partnership provides the internet services to the western travelers coming to India and would be traveling within India which will include heritage sites as well as rural areas. iPass will help these visitors by providing hassle-free Wi-Fi network solutions by tying up with the available public Wi-Fi. iPass offers connectivity to the Wi-Fi network without any bothering to memorize and enter the passwords or the OTPs. iPass currently has around 64 million users throughout the world.

BSNL is One of the key reasons for being selected as a network of choice for partnership is because BSNL has an unparalleled reach in the various nooks and corner of India. The reach is above any comparison to the network of any other Telecom service provider in India. The other reason is the BSNL’s intent to reach to rural India. BSNL has always been focused on improving the connectivity and network base.

BSNL has been one of the pioneers in India in providing Wi-Fi connectivity at the heritage sites and key public places. The Wi-Fi connectivity initially started with providing Wi-Fi solutions at two for the sites in Varanasi which extended to providing Wi-Fi hotspot around Hussain Sagar lake (Hyderabad) and many other cultural and heritage sites in Hyderabad. They initially started with making public places Wi-Fi hotspots in February 2015 and since then, around 80 tourist places including Taj Mahal have been made Wi-Fi hotspot locations.

BSNL has also worked towards increasing the data connectivity in rural areas. They have already set up around 4000 hotspots in rural regions of India. Their goal aimed at digitization and strengthening of the villages. They have set up a target of setting 50,000 hot spots in the rural areas across India in the next 6 months. BSNL also aims to provide the devotees who would be visiting Kumbh Mela in 2019 a speed of 30 Mbps. BSNL’s initiative towards rural areas is a part of the BharatNet initiative. Further, the addition of Wi-Fi to the BharatNet initiative has led to an increase in the internet consumption in the villages by close to 3 times. Currently, around 1 lakh gram panchayats are covered, out of which the Wi-Fi has covered 7,200.

India, the location of choice for foreigners, either to work or for visiting various tourist locations in India. The iPass customers would be able to use the Wi-Fi hotspots at many of the strategic locations in the country using BSNLs Wi-Fi support. BSNL has always stated their objective to provide public Wi-Fi connectivity as part of their BSNL broadband services to the citizens of India anytime, anywhere at affordable prices. Overall BSNL and its partner telecom companies have been providing Wi-Fi services through over 100 million Wi-Fi hotspots in more than 100 countries across the globe.

This partnership with iPass will further boost the goals and objectives of BSNL to provide internet services to the users on the move. The synergy between both the service providers concerning the services it offers and the company objectives have led to the deal between iPass and BSNL


  Source: Nasdaq

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