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⏩ ⏩ AMD Unveils Next-Gen Ryzen, Epyc CPU Roadmaps; High-End Radeon GPU With Ray Tracing Launching This Year. The company wants to keep its momentum going in the consumer and data center markets

⏩ ⏩ New Research Claims Our Understanding of Universe Could Be Wrong
The study has been completed by a team of astronomers from the Max-Planck-Institute for Astronomy. That suggests that we may be wrong in understanding how bright the stars can be, how their brightness changes and how long they can stay bright.

⏩ ⏩ Samsung to Shift Some Smartphone Production to Vietnam Due to Coronavirus
Samsung said it had suspended operations at its Gumi, South Korea factory after a worker tested positive.

⏩ ⏩ 12.9-Inch iPad Pro, MacBook Pro With Mini-LED Displays to Launch by 2020-End: Report
Kuo had earlier said six products with Mini-LED displays for release by the end of 2021.

⏩ ⏩ Oppo Watch With Curved AMOLED Display, eSIM Support Launched – Price 15 K

⏩ ⏩ DuckDuckGo Shares List of Web Trackers That Gather User Data
Called Tracker Radar, it includes the most common cross-site trackers. Tracker Radar details 5,326 Internet domains used by 1,727 companies and organizations that track users online.

⏩ ⏩ Google Assistant to Soon Bid Goodbye to John Legend’s Voice
John Legend ‘s cameo Google Assistant voice will come to an end on March 23.

⏩ ⏩ T-Mobile Hacked Again, for the Second Time in 6 Months T-Mobile is sending out SMS notifications to all impacted users.

⏩ ⏩ Instagram Testing Feature to Allow Users to Block or Restrict Multiple Accounts at Once It is a part of Instagram’s broader efforts to help people fight bullying and harassment on the platform.

⏩ ⏩ Intel CSME flaw is unpatchable, researchers warn
Researchers reveal that a previously known Intel flaw is unpatchable and could allow attackers to compromise the cryptographic chain of trust in Intel systems.

⏩ ⏩ Facebook changes its Libra plans to include more cryptocurrencies
After seeing the departure of key members of its non-profit development body – and facing regulatory pressure – Facebook appears to be ready to be more inclusive in its cryptocurrency plans.

⏩ ⏩ Cisco, Microsoft team to control growing IoT networks
Cisco will meld its recently released Intelligent Edge software with Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub to make transferring data from edge devices to applications in the Azure cloud simpler.

⏩ ⏩ Say goodbye to .NET Core 3.0 Microsoft has declared the end of support for .NET Core 3.0 and advised users to move to .NET Core 3.1

⏩ ⏩ Windows by the numbers: Remaining Windows 7 users in no rush to move on
With the Windows 7 end-of-support deadline now receding in the rear view mirror, users of the aged OS no longer seem to be in any rush to upgrade to Windows 10.

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