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❇ ❇ Oppo Find X2 Gets Top DisplayMate Rating, Find X2 Pro Said to Get Massive 637,009 Score on AnTuTu Oppo’s Find X2 Pro’s overall performance scores shared by Oppo and AnTuTu differed by a good margin. Oppo’s Find X2 Pro smartphone that was officially launched last week seems to be setting a new benchmark with each passing day. After receiving the highest score for its camera performance on DxOMark, Oppo’s latest flagship device has now achieved a score of 6,11,627 from AnTuTu for its overall phone performance, as per the company. Not only this, the Oppo Find X2 has also been awarded an A+ rating by DisplayMate, for the smartphones’ display features. Previously, similar screen ratings were awarded to the Samsung Galaxy S20-series which was released in February.

❇ ❇ Lava Pay Payments App for Feature Phones Launched, Does Not Require an Internet Connection
The Lava Pay app requires customers to register on UPI through their banks.The company says that the Lava Pay app will come preloaded with all Lava feature phones and existing customers can get it installed in their feature phones from Lava service centres. It facilitates peer-to-peer (P2P) payments.

❇ ❇ OnePlus 7T Pro, OnePlus 7T Get First OxygenOS Open Beta Update With Live Caption, February Patch
OnePlus has also invested $30 million (roughly Rs. 222.84 crores) to scale up its 5G research and development efforts.

❇ ❇ Bitcoin Slumps as Global Market Turmoil Over Coronavirus Infects Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin slumped as much as 24 percent during morning trading before clawing back some of its losses.

❇ ❇ Google Play Brings Dark Theme to All Android Devices: Here’s How to Enable It
Google Play automatically switches to the theme of your device once you’ve selected the System default option.
All you need to do is to visit Google Play on your Android device and then go to Settings > Theme to select whether you want the existing Light theme or switch it over to the Dark theme.

❇ ❇ D2h Stream Set-Top Box, D2h Magic Stick Launched in India
The D2h Stream is an Android-based set top box.
The Android-based set-top box, D2h Stream runs on Android TV 9.0 OS and apart from live TV channels, it also includes Google’s Play Store, which allows viewers to download and stream content from OTT platforms. It also comes with built-in Google Assistant, Chromecast, and Dolby Audio. The D2h Stream also allows users to stream content from any device directly to their TV.

❇ ❇ Over 100 New Minor Planets Found at the Edge of the Solar System: Study
The study also describes a new approach for finding similar types of objects.
Astronomers have discovered more than 100 new trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs), minor planets located in the far reaches of the solar system. For the study, published in The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, the researchers used data from Dark Energy Survey (DES), an international collaborative effort to map hundreds of millions of galaxies, detect thousands of supernovae, and find patterns of cosmic structure that will reveal the nature of the mysterious dark energy that is accelerating the expansion of our universe.

❇ ❇ Coronavirus Maps Apps Being Used to Spread Malware: Researchers
The websites that have this malware take information from the Web and produce accurate data which makes them more deceptive.
The report by cyber-security researcher Shai Alfasi, from Reason Labs, claims that hackers were modifying URLs or adding different details while maintaining the genuine look of the original website, preventing users from realising something is wrong. The report states that the malware’s graphic user interface (GUI) looks very convincing and it collects information from the Web to show accurate readings for coronavirus. Once the user visits these websites, they are prompted for a download which is disguised as an app that gives latest information on the spread of the virus.

❇ ❇ Google Chromecast Ultra Refresh Will Come With a Remote: Report
Google’s next Chromecast Ultra is expected to have rounder finish with a typical “G” logo.

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