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πŸ‘½ πŸ‘½ Coronavirus: India Tells Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Other Social Media Firms to Curb Misinformation
Experts have already flagged the there is a deluge of fake information on Facebook and WhatsApp as India fights this global health pandemic.

πŸ‘½ πŸ‘½ Samsung Galaxy M21 Goes on Sale in India Today: The Samsung Galaxy M21 price in India starts at Rs. 13,499 and it comes in Midnight Blue and Raven Black colour options.

πŸ‘½ πŸ‘½ Google’s Coronavirus Website Launched in the US, Will Expand to More Countries β€˜In the Coming Days’
Google has also said that it will begin surfacing trustworthy information about the coronavirus directly in search results and Google Maps.

πŸ‘½ πŸ‘½ MyGov Corona Helpdesk Launched on WhatsApp to Provide Coronavirus Information – +919013151515

πŸ‘½ πŸ‘½ Pwn2Own Hacking Contest Ends, Hackers Exploit Vulnerabilities in Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Adobe, Safari, More
The winners, Team Fluoroacetate have won their fourth Pwn2Own in a row.

πŸ‘½ πŸ‘½ Mi True Wireless Earphones 2S Rumoured to Debut With Low Latency Rate, Wireless Charging Support
Mi True Wireless Earphones 2S is reported to offer 120 milliseconds of latency rate when connected with a Xiaomi phone.

πŸ‘½ πŸ‘½ Amazon and Apple are reducing streaming quality to lessen broadband strain in Europe
Following in Netflix and YouTube’s footsteps

πŸ‘½ πŸ‘½ WHO is offering coronavirus information on WhatsApp
you can also add the phone number +41794752209 to your contact list and start chatting with the BOT


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